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IC Cold Links: Waiting... Hoping... Praying...

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While waiting for all those league sources (aside from anyone in Denver) to be proven correct and a Tinsley trade to be announced, here are a few items of interest from the Pacers camp:

  • Bruno focues on Brandon Rush and Roy Hibbert and the impact they may have on this team. The rooks are critical to a exceptional season this year, but Jim O'Brien won't be handing out rebuilding minutes to either. Sounds like they'll have to earn their way into the playing rotation.
  • Mike Wells digs into JOB's recent praise of Marquis Daniels and finds a healthy Quisy ready for his utility role at both ends of the court. Also, as offensive plays are put in, Rasho Nesterovic is proving worthy of having his number called, plus he's showing some leadership from the post. Nice. Maceo Baston discusses his happiness about returning to Indy.
  • Pacers Insider offers a Wellsian review of the first week of camp and his brief impressions from watching part of a scrimmage.
  • Playing time appears to be there for the taking for Ike Diogu in Portland and he plans to take advantage. Good luck, Ike!
  • Tear off the wrapper, smell the freshnes and enjoy. The first preseason box scores of the year are available for your perusal.