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Day 4 Camp Report: Oh Yeah, Camp

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Here are a couple of reports from training camp:

  • Kevin Lee's updated report with audio from Jim O'Brien's post-practice press gaggle.
  • Jeff Rabjohns has his Pacers Notes from JOB's comments and practice observation. JOB discussed working on some basics and emphasized playing under control, including making a jump stop under control when taking the ball into the lane, instead of jumping and hoping to make a play before landing and turning it over. That led to this humorous moment.

    Near the end of practice, O'Brien complimented center Jeff Foster on a jump stop that led to a nice pass.

    O'Brien said that was the first time he had seen that from Foster. After O'Brien's compliment, Foster said he wasn't sure how it happened, drawing laughter from his teammates and coaches.

  • Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy remain on the sidelines with no return date set.
  • JOB also discussed how he sees Marquis Daniels fitting in with this team.  JOB thinks Quisy is going to get a lot of playing time at the wing spot.
    Brandon's a rookie, so he has to show he deserves to be on the court. The one thing I know is Marquis deserves to be on the court. If we played tonight, Marquis would play around 30 minutes.
    Could Quisy be rising to the challenge for minutes brought on by the team's depth? That would be a nice story to see develop over camp.