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Danny Granger Extends Contract With Pacers

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Sweet! I return from a serious trick or treat party and see that thePacers beat the deadline and extended Danny Granger's contract keeping him from becoming a restricted free agent next summer. Here's the official release from the Pacers which includes Danny's agent-approved response to the extension.

"I’m very happy we were able to get an extension done,” said Granger. “I’d like to thank the Simons, Larry Bird, David Morway, Jim O’Brien, the assistant coaches, my teammates and the entire Pacers’ organization. I’m very excited about the direction our team is going and I’m glad that I can have a part in the future of this franchise. I think we can have something very special here.”

But wait! There's even more great news. Mike Wells reports the deal is for 5 years at $60-64 million. I was hoping the Pacers could sign Granger at 5 for $55 but I admit I'm real stingy so I was also REALLY hoping they wouldn't top 5 for $70. With the reported deal it appears both sides compromised and worked in the best interest of the franchise. Ahh, so refreshing. Congrats to Danny and the Pacers!