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Wells: Tinsley Trade A "Strong Possibility"

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Suddenly I'm feeling much better about the Tinsley-to-Denver trade rumors becoming a reality. Mike Wells posted a report Friday evening which indicated the deal for Chucky Atkins and Steven Hunter reported earlier in the day, and denied by both parties, was still on the table.

Embattled point guard Jamaal Tinsley remained an Indiana Pacer on Friday, but there is a “strong possibility” he could be traded to the Denver Nuggets as early as Monday, a person familiar with the situation said.

A second person confirmed trade discussions were ongoing and said the Pacers will look for another partner if this deal falls through.

As I mentioned when he reported on the Jermaine O'Neal trade rumors, Mike Wells doesn't dabble in hearsay and rumor. If he's reporting the deal as a "strong possibility" then he has strong sources backing up his words.

What a crazy day this has been. This is exactly why the Pacers didn't want Tinsley in town. The club can deflect all this trade attention from the actual players in camp. Meanwhile, the Nuggets camp has to be feeling the nuttiness. Hopefully the distraction will force the Nuggets to move forward and get this deal done so the team can focus on preparing for the season.