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Compelling Reasons To Believe In Pacers

Watching the NBA games tonight has me stoked for the Pacers opener in Detroit tomorrow night. I'm not even expecting a W for another week and a half (sure I'll be disappointed with an 0-4 start, but not shocked) and I'm still excited.

Excited to see the fresh lineup with plenty to prove. Excited to see a blue and gold twelve coming together and using all 48 to grind for Ws. Excited for excitement returning to the Fieldhouse. Excited for all of these possibilities.

Reading Bruno's preview today added to my excitement. Yes, Bruno runs for the Pacers, but when it comes to writing about the Pacers and the NBA, he's nobody's shill. He may leave the unseemly unsaid on occasion but he's not pumping positives he doesn't observe or believe while spending time around the team at the Fieldhouse. He also doesn't need me defending him because his body of work writing about the NBA over the years stands firmly on its own.

I have to admit my own bias in regard to Bruno because he's been great to me personally, allowing me some great opportunities through Those opportunities have also allowed me to see how Bruno works so I know first hand that his info is gold. I mention this to make sure you don't get hung up on "yeah, but..." thoughts of bias and miss some great analysis of the Pacers. There's also plenty of room left between the lines to read, ponder and learn.

So where was I?

Oh yeah, in his preview, Bruno lays out ten compelling reasons to believe in this revamped Pacers team as they begin the 82-game journey. My favorite reason to believe (with a few years' worth of reading material between the lines):

5. Team chemistry is at a high point

This is a big one for me. I haven't had the same feeling about a team's personality since 1993-94, which just happened to be when one of the most remarkable teams in franchise history came together midway through the season to start the Pacers on their decade of prominence among the East elite. There's a reality to this team, a grounding in substance, lacking for a long time.

If you want to get your juices flowing for the start of the season, read the whole thing. Now let's hope the Pacers can make us true believers.