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Fun Day At Pacers Fan Jam

I took the boys down to the Fieldhouse this afternoon to take in the festivities of the Pacers Fan Jam. I was pleasantly surprised to join a huge crowd filtering in as the gates opened at 2PM. I'm no crowd counter but the lower level was quite full, much better crowd than last year. Plus, all those on hand were quite enthusiastic.

The Pacers were coming off 3 1/2 hours of practice so they weren't looking to break a sweat again, but the crowd was introduced to the new guys. They threw in some media members for a game of Knock Out which saw Roy Hibbert take out JMV for the win.

Roy Hibbert and Brandon Rush punted the Rookie Show. With Jeff Foster and Danny Granger properly chastising them, Hibbert had a promising start in his effort to sing Parents Just Don't Understand. But, alas, he choked on the words, lost his place and never gathered it back. Foster made sure the Boos were heavy. Rush tried to sneak in lip sync by gettin' silly with his dance moves but, again, BOOO. Hopeully, they make up for it on the court this year.

After the on-court activities fans could shoot a pair of free throws for tickets to the Suns game or hop in line for autographs from the players. The players were spread out all over the Fieldhouse so we started with T.J. Ford and my man, Stephen Graham and finished with Danny Granger and Rasho Nesterovic.

Danny and Rasho were stationed on the practice court allowing fans to go into the depths of the Fieldhouse and check out where the team practices. This brought out a ton of questions from the boys which I faked the answers to. They loved it.

The only problem was we couldn't get all the autographs we wanted because the players were so spread out and with the long lines there wasn't enough time. This is a great problem for the Pacers and honestly I was happy to see it. I'm sure some people will complain nonetheless.

After the jump I have a couple of really bad videos that at least give you a little flavor of the event. will have some much better video up so keep checking there for updates. UPDATE: Here is a great video recap of the whole event. Nice work, Bruno!

Also, I'd love to see some better video, photos or personal stories from the event. You can drop a video or photo in the FanShots or leave a story or link here in the comments. 

Roy Hibbert leads the way in the first knock out round against his teammates. At this point, Maceo Baston, Jarrett Jack, Danny Granger, Jeff Foster and Roy Hibbert battle down until Hibbert and Foster advance to the finals. I know it isn't very good, please send me something better.

In the finals, Hibberts outduels JMV from WNDE for the W. We may hear about this competition from JMV for years to come this week. Here's the Zapruder footage. JMV is in the white shirt if you can make that out.