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A "Eulogy" To The J.O. Era

Both Teams Played Hard has a thorough and thoughtful good bye to Jermaine O'Neal that should serve as the final word on the J.O. era for the Pacers. Really, an outstanding post all Pacer fans should read. Here's a little sampling.

For his part, Jermaine’s continual stumping on his leadership abilities to the media in addition to the occasional cacology never helped raise his standing amongst the fan base. These public pronouncements without on-court production — fairly or not — gave many fans the impression of JO as a failed leader and flawed player whose commitment to the team waned further with every passing day folllowing the brawl.

To many, Jermaine was all talk, no walk.

Don't let this sample fool you, it is not a hit piece. Read the whole thing, you'll be glad you did.