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IC Cold Links: Previews Galore And More

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I'm heading out of town for a couple of days so here are a few items to ponder over the weekend including several season previews. See you locals down at the Fan Jam on Sunday.

  • Bruno's latest Caught in the Web is hyped for the season to begin and making the case that T.J. Ford and Jarrett Jack may combine to be the bets PG tandem in team history. Also, there are some promising numbers to take from the preseason.
  • Mike Wells on the rookies earning a solid spot in the playing rotation.
  • ESPN season preview with an interesting play for down 1 with 9.2 seconds to go. Didn't seem to come off as humorous as intended. The expert panel doesn't have much faith in the Pacers. Only Hollinger and Ford think the Pacers will make the playoffs. The rest don't think they'll be close.
  • Wages of Wins tries to debunk the skepticism of the ESPN crew so I don't have to. They also think the Pacers project to finish somewhere in the 6th to 8th range in the Eastern Conference. Sounds good to me. (HT: Darrin at Willowbend)
  • Marty Burns of likes the Pacers as a surprise playoff team if they can stay healthy. Notice my little contribution written in early September. The rut appears to be in the rear view window at this point.
  • Ball Don't Lie offers a sober look ahead. KD likes what he sees from the Pacers which may not lead to as many wins as we'd like but should be entertaining none the less.
  • Basketbawful breaks down the Pacers for Deadspin along with some sound advice when considering plastic surgery.
  • Kevin Pelton at Basketball Prospectus uses SCHOENE to project 37 wins and third place in the Central Division for the Pacers.
  • SLAM Online via me breaks down the roster and lands on a 39 win season. This was written well in advance of last night's game. Good thing.
  • iBlog Bulls looks at the enemy that is the Pacers and hopes projects a 33-36 win effort from the blue and gold.
  • NBA Blogger preview, once again capturing my thoughts on the upcoming season, except from the perception of a different day.

If you've read or written any good previews that I've missed please add a link in the comments.