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Preseason Open Thread #8: Indiana Pacers at Dallas Mavericks

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The Indiana Pacers play their final preseason game tonight in Dallas against the Mavericks. Jim O'Brien expects to stick to his projected regular season playing rotation again tonight. Mike Dunleavy and Travis Diener won't be available again, but everyone else is good to go. That includes Roy Hibbert, which is good news since Hibbert left the game in New Orleans on Tuesday after tweaking an ankle.

Mike Wells reported today that this could be the last game for Austin Croshere and Josh Davis. Neither have guaranteed contracts nor have made a strong enough case for the Pacers to eat a contract to make room. Of course, a Tinsley trade trades everything but until then we can expect Cro and Davis to be released sometime between now and Monday in order to get the roster down to 15 players.

UPDATE: Bruno reports that the Pacers released Croshere and Davis today.

"This was an extremely difficult decision to waive Austin," said General Manager David Morway. "Austin’s a terrific professional and has represented this franchise extremely well and we appreciate his passion, dedication and commitment to the Pacers over the years."

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the game in the comments.