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Larry Bird Planning For Future Wins

Marc Spears of the Boston Globe checks in with Larry Bird as the former Boston Celtics' legend faces the challenge of rebuilding the Pacers. Of course, Spears hashes through the history that brought the Pacers to where they are at this point in time.

Bird comments openly on the situation and expresses his intention to face the current challenge head on, which he has thus far. He knows wins will ultimately bring fans back to the Fieldhouse, but it could take some time. There is no quick fix option for Bird to use, but he appears confident in his long term plan for the team.

"[Donnie] was the man in charge," Bird said. "Now I have my opportunity, so let's see what I can do. Donnie had his opportunity for a lot of years. And not only was he was a great basketball man, but a great man, period. I admired him. I learned a lot from him. But we just had different styles. Now I get my opportunity to do what I want to do with the team.

"It ain't going to happen overnight. We have a plan. We have to stick to it. In two or three years, we'll have a team that is going to compete at the highest level."