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Time To Enjoy Some Ball And The Pacers Once Again

The Indiana Pacers tip off the regular season in one week against the Detroit Pistons at the Palace. Recently I've felt a general sense of happiness and excitement about the start of the season.

Yeah, I'm optimistic but this isn't optimism, it's something else that I've been trying to pin down. While driving home tonight, I was listening to JMV and a caller named LC unknowingly helped crystallize my thoughts.

LC was talking about the Colts and their latest drama, then as he was about to sign off, he threw in a comment about the Pacers. I don't have the exact words but in essence he said, I'm real excited about the start of the Pacers season. They're young with exciting players and will get out and run. Should be fun to watch.

Boom! That was it.

LC captured this team perfectly without throwing in any hyperbolic talk of playoffs or an expected number of Ws. That really isn't the point this year. If you get hung up on measuring this team on paper by the numbers you will miss out on some enjoyable moments. Mabye it's the English major in me, but I love the flow and feel of a game and the emotions it evokes.

The Pacer storylines should all be on the court this year which leaves plenty of time to forget the future big picture of the team and salary cap space and draft or playoff position. Instead, notice the differences on the court this year. Long gone are the days of slowing the game down and dumping the ball into the post. The team remains a work in progress but there will be exciting players involved capable of bringing you out of your seat if you give yourself to the moment.

So take some time to once again enjoy the game, the one you're watching, the possession at hand. Should be fun to watch.