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IC Cold Camp Links

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Here's a quick round up of Pacers stories coming out of training camp:

  • Bruno's Caught in the Web updates us on Travis Diener's down time and Josh Davis joining camp.
  • Mike Wells focuses on Mike Dunleavy and his efforts to build on his break out effort from last year. Part of that improvement could be at the defensive end and Jim O'Brien is hopful that Dun is ready to step up his D.

    O'Brien said a player can't "dramatically" improve his lateral quickness. However, players can become better defenders by making sure their "technique is flawless, from his body position, to the angle of his feet."

    "There's nobody better on the team from a standpoint of understanding where he needs to be," O'Brien said of Dunleavy. "He's not going to be Kobe Bryant from the standpoint of containing the basketball, but there are ways -- little tricks -- that can be taught to players about how to improve and contain the ball."

  • The Indy Star's Pacers notes tells us Jarrett Jack has impressed during the first two days of practice. JOB likes what he saw.
    "He had a terrific practice," O'Brien said. "He was very aggressive offensively, and Jarrett is trying to build up the habit of jump stopping in the lane to make the proper passes as opposed to leaving his feet."
    Jack is also featured in a little Q & A.