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Spurs 106, Pacers 98: Tony Parker Sets The Pace For Spurs

The Indiana Pacers fell behind early and played from behind all night until the final buzzer sounded as the San Antonio Spurs secured the home preseason game, 106-98.

After winning at home last night, the Pacers struggled to keep up with the Spurs as Tony Parker set the tone early for the Spurs, having his way with T.J. Ford and friends. Despite Ford's struggles tonight, I remain impressed with the Pacers new point man. Yes, he turns it over some but he also makes plays.

It would be easy to bash Ford tonight for not slowing down Tony Parker and being lured into fouling out before the game was over. But better PGs than Ford have struggled with Parker when he has it going and don't forget, Ford played 24 minutes last night as the Pacers end the third week of camp.

I actually see Ford's game being quite similar to Parker's. They both can get it going and make you look silly, but there are occasional nights when you wonder what all the fuss is about. Limiting those "occasional nights" is key. Consistency in Ford's game will benefit the Pacers far more than any flashes of greatness. It's about that time in Ford's career where his game matures and Jim O'Brien learns what he can expect from his floor leader from night to night.

Ford has spent the past three weeks solidifying his role as the Pacers starting point guard. As the rest of the starters round into shape, they should enjoy having Ford set the pace.

Quick notes:

  • Quisy had the threesies going tonight splashing 4 of 6 from behind the arc.
  • Troy Murphy started and played about 19 minutes scoring an efficient 12 points on 5 of 7 shooting.
  • Jarrett Jack played 26 minutes with zero turnovers. That's what I like to see.
  • Danny Granger continues struggling to shoot the rock with his 6 of 17 effort tonight.