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Preseason Open Thread #6: Pacers at Spurs

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The Pacers play at San Antonio tonight as they try to build on their solid performance Friday night against Memphis.

While waiting for the game, here are a few items of interest from last night's game:

  • Bruno goes Inside the Game and wonders if the performance of Rush and Hibbert thus far in the preseason has altered Jim O'Brien's expectations for their role on the team in the regular season. JOB is not ready to commit to anything but he sounded real happy with the performance of the team as a whole.
  • Mike Wells was impressed with Mike Dunleavy's, excuse me, Smooth's brief return. Dun's not out of the woods yet with his knee issues, thought.

    It didn't take long to notice -- one of the first few possessions down court -- that Dunleavy was favoring his knee as he got up and down the court. He said he knew he would have some discomfort in his knee going into the game.

    "I think right now I'm just trying to get through it," he said. "Hopefully it'll go away, the soreness. There is some discomfort that causes some limping. It's just being able to tolerate it as much as I can and not risk anything else."

  • JOB give a nod of approval to the defensive effort last night. Plus, Tinsley logs a turnover?
  • From Memphis, the Pacers left the Grizz frustrated with their effort.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the game in the comments.