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IC Cold Links: Recappin' Pacers Win Over Mavs

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Here are some items of interest following the Pacers W:

  • Kevin Lee's report includes post-game audio from Jim O'Brien (track 3).
  • Mike Wells digs into the lineup shuffling Jim O'Brien has been forced to do with so many players dinged up in the preseason. JOB is looking to use his projected playing rotation more in the remaining preseason games to dial the team in for the opening of the season. He's also raising the expectations of rookies, Brandon Rush and Roy Hibbert as they work for minutes.

    "They're (rookies) going to have to clean up a lot of things," O'Brien said. "They are making way too many mistakes out there and for guys that played three, four years for very, very good (college) programs. They need to just bring it down a notch and make sure when they're on the court to do what they can do effectively and stay away from turnovers.

    "It's about where I think they should be as rookies. We expect more from both of them then what they might be getting done right now."

  • Wells updates his story on the Eddie Jones settlement. The Pacers end up with the cap room they were looking for in this trade and now hope to find a point guard they can sign on the cheap. I can't help but chuckle at the thought of Bird and Morway scouring their options when they have $21 million dollars worth of PG sitting on their roster and sitting in Atlanta. No, I'm not suggesting they call Jamaal Tinsley into action. I just find the situation amusing. 
  • Mike Conley, Jr., from Lawrence North High School in Indy is giving back to his former school district. Conley will donate $15,000 to the Lawrence Township School Foundation while he's in town tomorrow for the Grizzlies' game against the Pacers.