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Preseason Open Thread #4: Pacers vs. Mavericks

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Welcome to the Eddie Jones retirement party. With EJ's former and well...former teams set to face off tonight at the Fieldhouse, Jones has agreed to a deal with the Pacers that will allow him to retire or seek other options. Mike Wells has the story here. Larry Bird sounds happy.

“He really worked with us and did us a favor,” Pacers president Larry Bird said. “Now we can go out and look to get another player for the veteran minimum if we want because of what Eddie did.”

As for the game, the Dallas Mavericks show up at the Fieldhouse with Rick Carlisle and the prodigal Shawne (Williams), so there are plenty of storylines to follow tonight, although the actual game may not be one of them. Both Carlisle and Shawne should receive a positive reaction from the crowd and I hope they do.

The Pacers will be short-handed again, with Marquis Daniels, Troy Murphy and Travis Diener out for sure. Danny Granger, Mike Dunleavy, Maceo Baston and Austin Croshere are day-to-day and may not play either.

Here are some items of interest:

For a Grizz perspective, check out Mavs Moneyball. They have some sweet pre-game fodder to digest.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the game in the comments.