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IC Cold Links: Crazy Friday Roundup

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A win over the Bulls combined with the trade of Shawne Williams made for a busy Friday for the Pacers. Here's a few stories on all the action:

  • David Harrison makes the case for dealing with adversity by being patient, seeing the big picture and continuing to work hard. DH failed to do this in Indy but hopes to with Minnesota.

    "Almost everything," he said when asked what angered him. "My draft position ticked me off, but at the end of the day, I was still a first-round draft pick. I saw opportunities at Indiana that I wasn't getting and I was impatient. If you look at the Pacers now, if I had been patient and kept my head, I'd probably be their starting center.

    "But I didn't do that. That's what I have to prove here, that I'm willing to play and lose myself in the team."

  • Mike Wells details the trade machinations that sent Shawne Williams to Dallas. Bird expects Eddie Jones to wear the blue and gold once his injury (hammy) status is cleared up. The trade was done once Bird decided he wouldn't be picking up Shawne's option after this year, so he wanted to get something for him and put Shawne in a good situation.

    "I was very reluctant to (trade Williams) because of the talent, but when it came down to it, we felt we could get a couple of second-round picks, get off some money next year," Bird said.

    "I was at a crossroad whether we were going to pick up his option next year, and if we didn't do that we figured it might not be a good season for him. It was probably best to do the deal and move on."

  • Wells adds a little more in this blog post regarding Eddie Jones.

    Jones told the Dallas Morning News back in February that he no interest in going to New Jersey as part of the Jason Kidd deal because he didn't want to be traded to a non-championship contender.

    "There is no next stop for me," Jones told the Morning News in February. "I'll go home."

    The Pacers don't fit EJ's criteria for a trade so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. I have a feeling Bird has no other choice than to make the comments he's making about Jones joining the team to avoid an overt act of circumventing the spirit of the NBA trade rules.
  • From the FanPosts, duke dynamite liked what he saw from the rookies last night.
  • Cliff Brunt recaps the win from Fort Wayne, focusing on Brandon Rush's effort in the win.
  • Dallas is happy to have Shawne as long as he stays away from trouble.
  • Mavsblog has several items on the trade including speculation the Eddie Jones will be back with the Mavs eventually.
  • Mavs Moneyball has a great look at the trade from the Mav's perspective, including one story that had the Mav's offering Jones a coaching position prior to the trade.
  • Bulls fans pretty much gave last night's game a resounding, "Meh."  Makes sense considering it was a preseason game, they had a couple players out and their team had already shown the ability to, you know, play.
  • Game reports from the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune.