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Wells: Shawne Williams To Dallas

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As duke dynamite mentioned in the FanPosts, Mike Wells is reporting that the Pacers have agreed to trade Shawne Williams to the Dallas Mavericks for Eddie Jones a couple of second round picks and $1.8 million in cash.

Shawne appeared to have the same ol' game so far in camp so his minutes were going to be hard to find. The cash will nearly cover the $1.97 mil Eddie Jones is owed this season which gives the Pacers the option of releasing Jones to free up a roster spot.

Shawne gets to reunite with Rick Carlisle who obviously likes what Shawne has to offer.

So the worst case scenario is Shawne for two second rounders. Not bad as Larry Bird and David Morway work to acrue assets, those second round picks are nice to pull out when dealing with other teams.

More details to come on this story...