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Bird Talks Trade

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Appears I'm not the only one with trade thoughts on my mind. Pacers Notebook questioned Larry Joe Legend on the topic.

"Will we do anything? I don't know," Bird said. "Obviously teams are trying to strengthen what they have. We're not looking to get rid of any core players right now, but you never know."
"You never know" with LJL means everyone's in play. Where the Pacers stand now, they really need a back up point guard and cap relief. I know, not too exciting when you think about putting together a big trade. I think we'll find out just how serious J.O. is about playing for a title-contending team because he'll have to take a financial hit at some point in order to move. Otherwise he'll stay right here to collect the final two max years on his contract. With the role he's currently playing, that would stunt any potential growth of the Pacers under O'B.