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Open Game Thread #35: Pacers at Lakers

The Pacers will have to repeat their effort from Friday night if they hope to keep up with the Lakers tonigh in L.A. In three of the last four games, the Lakers have scored over 122 points. Plus, remember that the Lakers put up an easy 134 against the Pacers in November. That was a game where the Pacers hung around but just couldn't keep up the pacer for the full 48 minutes.

Here's Bruno's Scouting Report with some great stuff on Danny Granger trying to take his game to the next level where games like Friday's beauty are delivered consistently. It is really nice to read that Danny is not satisfied with where is game is and that he has a support system (O'B and J.O.) pushing him to not settle for anything other than greatness.

Here's a preview from the Lakers' perspective. Like I said, they're on fire. Also, check out the fabulous Forum Blue & Gold for more on the Lakers.

Here's what the efficiency numbers say:

Team Pace Off.Eff. Def.Eff.
IND 96.4(3rd) 106.1(16th) 106.8(13th)
LAL 95.8(5th) 111.8(6th) 106.0(9th)

Projected Starters
Jermaine O'Neal F Luke Walton
Danny Granger F Lamar Odom
Troy Murphy C Andrew Bynum
Mike Dunleavy G Kobe Bryant
Andre Owens G Derek Fisher

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the game in the comments.