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Jared From Subway Gives Up On Pacers

Reggie Miller joined Eddie White and Bob Kravitz from 1070 The Fan out in Phoenix. It didn't take long for talk to turn to the Pacers and in his classic unique style, Reg passed on some sad news about a local sandwich snarfing legend.

Eddie: Mel, Herb, they need you.

Reg: I don't know if there's anything I can do.

Eddie: You know how bad it is, last week, a referendum, all of our callers said bring back Ron Artest.

Kravitz: I tried to set them straight.

Reg: I have one better. Jared from Subway fame, turned his tickets back in. (Reg, then kicks in the mock outrage) Come on! We lost Jared! If we're going to lose Jared, one of the best season ticket holders of all time. If we're going to lose Jared and that Subway contract, so much for the Pacers. It's over! It's over! What's next? What is next?
Plenty of great stuff in this 8 plus minute interview. Like the rest of us, Reggie had plenty of questions that the Pacers need to answer, but didn't offer any answers himself. Of course, there aren't many answers that don't involve dumb luck or a burst of good health from J.O. and Tinsley. Reggie seemed to intimate that a solid draft pick would benefit the team more than making the playoffs. Don't worry, Reg, you can say it out loud. Forget the playoffs! The scary thing is the Pacers remain in the playoff mix despite all the recent losing.

Here's a link to the interview: Reg on 1070 The Fan

One thing that is not on the audio file is the discussion Eddie and Kravitz had when they returned from a commercial. During the interview Reg was asked about his interest in running a team, like, say, the Pacers. You can hear a little pause before he answered and both Eddie and Kravitz said the look he gave them when the question was asked, non-verbally screamed, "Yes, I would love to run the Pacers from the front office!" The hosts then pondered Reggie in charge calling on his friend Jax to run the team. That would sure generate some excitement, but Larry Joe Legend has some heavy lifting to do before anything truly exicing happens, regardless of who is running the show.