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Waiting for the Pacers vs. Hawks

The Pacers welcome the Atlanta Hawks to town tomorrow night. We all know what problems the Hawks pose after they took care of the Pacers in Atlanta.

On O'B's radio show tonight, he mentioned that the team spent three hours today studying tape and practicing to expunge the problems that have surfaced over the past few games. Jamaal Tinsley is not expected to play, but the team should be prepared to win without him tomorrow.

O'B doesn't honor any excuses, although he laid out a few for the recent decline in execution by the Pacers. Sorry, lack of practice time due to games and holidays is not worth mentioning. O'B did express plenty of confidence in turning things around and referenced similar patterns in the first years of his stops in Boston and Philly.

Hopefully we'll see some signs of hope and a W tomorrow night.

Here are some links of interest:

  • Here's a nice recap of the Pacers' season so far from RealGM. Also, they project the record for January at 6-8. Looking at the schedule, I'd take that in a heartbeat.
  • Damon Stoudamire must've liked what he saw from Mike Conley last night because after Conley's first start, Damon wants out of Memphis. There's some solid veteran leadership for you.
  • For those hoping Isiah Thomas would bail the Pacers out and make a lopsided deal for Jermaine O'Neal, it appears Zeke is done dealing. But don't despair, he may change his mind tomorrow. If you ever get down on the Pacers, just go check out the New York papers and Knick blogs. That'll cheer you up.
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  • The last holiday version of the Division Reports are up. Enjoy: Eastern Conference Western Conference
  • A little late, but here are the Blogger MVP and ROY rankings.