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Pacers Need A Breath Of Fresh Air

Somebody do something, please! This continual cycle of one step forward and two steps back is suffocating the hoop spirit around these parts. Injuries, inexperience, schedule quirks, automatic gunfire -- there's always a handy caveat to toss around when tough times hit the Pacers.

I've often heard, you don't want to make a change for change's sake. Umm, I do. In fact, I'm ready for any change you can give me, just to say something's changed. I'd be happy if they ran off all the ball boys and brought in a new crew. Something. Anything.

I'm not looking to change the coach, though. O'B's done a pretty good job dealing with the problems this roster presents. Between O'B and Carlisle this crew has played styles of ball that span the continuum from run and shoot the first open shot to slow down and wait for a play that scripts your every move. The results appear the same regardless of how they're coached up.

Drastic moves were made last year, but no one thought those would sustain the team for the long run. More pieces need to move and at this point, everyone is up for grabs. The consistent talent is found on the wing, with Granger, Dunleavy, Rush, Daniels, and Williams. If you can get some value back by moving one of those guys, please do it. The team needs point guard help, front court help. If trade rumors are true, Larry Joe Legend has been working the phones with big names involved. Maybe he should set his sights lower and make a few tweak moves because no one move will solve the problem. Yes, a big move would help immensely, but other small moves for key role players or cap relief would be nice. So at this point, even a small move would be like cracking a window open, at least a little fresh air will flow in and possibly start clearing the stale air left by the same ol' results.

Anyone have any ideas?