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David Harrison Keeps Talking

David Harrison appeared on local radio today with Eddie White and Bob Kravitz. As I've mentioned before, David Harrison is a thoughtful dude who runs his daily life by the Socratic method. So many questions, so little time. In this interview, David attempts to tackle some deep issues surrounding drug decriminalization and his responsibilities as an adult making decisions. His train of thought was a bit off the track at times, but quite compelling at the same time. He's publicly admitted in the past that he regularly sees a therapist, so keep in mind that the complete David Harrison package is complex to say the least.

In a nutshell, he's sorry he broke the NBA rules and put his team in a bind. He doesn't agree with the NBA's drug rule or any drug testing for that matter. He realizes he may have ruined his career (DH is a free agent at the end of the year) and also realizes what he needs to do to play in the league.

When asked if he was concerned about his future, David went into prime form.

I made a mistake and if that mistake costs me my career, then that's where we need to look. Look at what I did and look at what I lost. You know what I'm saying. Does marijuana, is it that bad? That's the question I really want people to ask themselves sometimes.

Following rules blindly, doesn't mean you're right just by following those rules. There needs to be a just rule. I mean, a long time ago George Washington sat around, didn't want to pay taxes to the crown. There's other things going on, but the rudimentary part of our American revolution was we didn't want to pay taxes. And we broke that rule and we have America today. You know, if we would've lost that war, George Washington would be Benedict Arnold.

You know, it's whoever wins, you get the praise. Nicotine won, the tobacco industry won. That's the thing, they wouldn't want marijuana to be legal. It causes less cancer actually, I've read studies where in cities with very bad air pollution like in Indiana, it helps protect you from lung cancer.

I'm not sure, but I think DH just blamed his suspension on Big Tobacco. This is just a snippet and there's plenty more where this came from, so listen to the whole interview (linked below). DH has no problem spittin' the truth as he sees it, so while we won't see him in any Nike commercials, at least his words are entertaining.

I appreciate a man on a righteous crusade, although at this time in Pacers' history, taking up the cause for legal bud is the last thing the franchise needs. Hopefully, David Harrison can take care of his business and find work in the NBA. He has talent and maybe if his head remained clear he could consistently tap into it. I can't imagine this episode costing him his playing career. It will certainly cost him money, but if he really wants it, he will find a team willing to give him a chance. Oh, by the way, Harrison put up a DNP-CD in Milwaukee Thursday night.

Audio clip: David Harrison on 1070AM