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Dunleavy Garners Support After Poor Treatment at Golden State

Well, Pacer fans weren't the only one's who felt the Warrior fans' treatment of Mike Dunleavy came off petty. Peter Vecsey used some of his column today to "e-vecsey-rate" Dubs' fans, Bay Area media, and Don Nelson for laying so much of the blame for the Warriors' past failures on Dun.

Warriors fans who booed Mike Dunleavy when he played for their team and continued to do so each time he touched the ball last week at Oracle Arena, his first appearance there since being traded to the Pacers, are easily the NBA's most unrefined.

Evidently they hold it against Dunleavy he failed to measure up (11 point average, 43 FG percent, 4.8 rebounds, 2.5 assists) to being picked third overall in 2002 during his 4½ seasons with Golden State. In the minds of these geniuses, that's Dunleavy's fault.

Not Chris Mullin, the executive VP of basketball operations responsible for the selection.

Not Mike Montgomery, the college coach Mullin (more likely owner Christopher Cohan) chose, who was over his head in the pros and got the quick yank.

Certainly not the legendary Don Nelson! At the start of last season, the mad scientist deployed Dunleavy, a natural off-guard/small forward who can shoot, handle and pass, at power forward.
This is just the opening salvo. Read the whole thing for the complete slicing and dicing. Vecsey even gets Mike Dunleavy, Sr. riled up for a few quotes.