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Pacer News Not So Good

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Unreal. The Indiana Pacers posted their most exciting win of the season last night. Silly me, I was thinking they'd be able to bask in local spotlight of all the positives that oozed out of the comeback win against the Warriors.

Well, there are three stories dedicated to the Pacers in this morning's Indy Star, but the game story was overshadowed by two negative hits on the organization. That may sound like a shot at the Star, it's not, they're reporting the facts.

The fact is, Jamaal Tinsley did rest his sore knee last night, but that's because Tins was suspended for the game.

The Indiana Pacers suspended Jamaal Tinsley for Wednesday night's game against Golden State following an incident during a film session one day earlier, The Star has learned.

What exactly happened during the session is unknown. However, coach Jim O'Brien said prior to Wednesday's game that Tinsley would sit out because of an injured knee. O'Brien told The Star the same thing after the game.
Turns out Stephen Jackson confirmed the story. The dynamic duo rides, again. Tinsley's body language usually reveals a lot and since his end of game shooting binge against the Suns, he's seemed out of sorts and a bit surly. He sat out against Sacramento to rest his knee. Was he suspended for that game too? Then against Golden State he was playing fine, but his flagrant foul against Monta Ellis changed the game, but didn't seem to phase Mel Mel. O'B's efforts to push Tinsley to greatness apparently have been rebuffed. Fabulous.

The other negative story was a Bob Kravitz column on the faulty NBA drug testing policy that doesn't notify teams after a player fails two tests. This is more a shot at the NBA, but since it fully rehashes the suspension of Pacer center David Harrison, it forces us all to roll around in the muddy situation.

So, we had about two hours of NBA bliss following the win. Hope you enjoyed it.