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IC Cold Links

Here are some links of interest:

  • Bruno has a great story on Kareem Rush and the increased role he's assumed with the Pacers. Everyone knew Rush could shoot, but his development on the defensive end has made him extremely valuable. Since being inserted into the starting lineup, he's taken the toughest permieter assignment, which has had him guarding the likes of Steve Nash and Baron Davis. This quote from O'B describes how Rush has become indispensable.
    "I'll give it from (assistant coach) Dick Harter's perspective," said O'Brien. "He thinks that Kareem has become our best defensive player. He does everything tough, he's hard-nosed, he'll take on Baron Davis or Steve Nash, it doesn't matter. Kareem came here because we told him that we were going to need snipers from outside that shoot the three but the volume of his minutes would depend upon his ability to defend at a level we thought was appropriate. Well, he has exceeded that level defensively to where we can't find him enough minutes. The only time he comes off the court is when he's tired. I need him to be on the court for us."
  • This article profiles the devloping game of Danny Granger with some good quotes from Danny and his teammates.
  • Another Hoopsworld article tells us how Travis Diener supplements his salary by playing H-O-R-S-E with teammates.
  • Kelly Dwyer has some good humor and trade analysis involving the Pacers. Apparently KD was privy to the tiff between Tinsley and O'B that led to his suspension, discipline inactivation. KD also looks back at the Golden State trade, one year later. He shares my opinion that the actual oncourt impact of the deal hasn't lived up to the hype. Plus, you get a sweet Geto Boys reference.
  • Reunion week continues this weekend when Ron Artest and Brad Miller play at the Fieldhouse on Saturday. Over at Sactown Royalty the time honored tradition of the "should we keep Artest or trade him" has resumed since his return from injury.