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Waiting on the Pacers vs. Warriors

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The Pacers are back home for a rematch with the Golden State Warriors tomorrow night. The Pacers blew a good chance to beat the Dubs on Sunday. While Monta Ellis and Baron Davis carried the GSW to a win, the Warriors didn't get much out of Al and Jack. If they all start hitting shots at the Fieldhouse, it could be a repeat of last year's route.

Let me implore anyone in attendance to leave Jack alone. He gave us some good times, some bad times, and plenty of interesting times, but in the end the situation didn't work out. Jack was shipped out of town, so there's really nothing left unresolved. Go ahead and cheer Al and Cro, but save the boos for a better cause. Of course, I'm assuming there will be enough people on hand to make some significant noise. Unfortunatley, that may not be the case. Either way, stay classy!

Here are some links to ponder while waiting for the opening tip tomorrow night:

  • Here's Bruno's Scouting Report for Wednesday. He delves into the Pacers' struggles to finish games after putting in a solid effort. We also learn that Travis Diener, Jamaal Tinsley, and Jermaine O'Neal all missed practice Tuesday and are day-to-day for Wednesday. The Warriors are a brutal matchup as it is, really need to have all hands on deck for this one.
  • Mike Wells delves into the recent lineup changes, as well. The smaller lineup seems to be working, except that, you know, they'd like to win.
  • Here's proof that not all Warrior fans hate Mike Dunleavy. I was beginning to wonder. Even certain members of the media (who I enjoy reading) showed an open disdain for the Dun. I don't know the full history between these guys, but the trade was last year, Dun's not going back. Time to grow up and turn the page, everyone else has.
  • Here's a real interesting article on Warriors guard, Baron Davis. His documentary Made in America traces the gang life he was surrounded by in his youth. The film debuts Sunday at the Sundance Film Festival. Maybe Baron will be distracted with movies release issues tomorrow night. Please.
  • Don't forget, along with Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington, Austin Croshere also returns to the Fieldhouse with the Warriors. Here's an interview with Cro shedding some insight on his role as veteran leader for the younger talent on the roster.
  • The latest All-Star voting returns are in, but don't strain yourself looking for Pacers. Only Jermaine O'Neal shows up in the tallies, currently in seventh place at center for the Eastern Conference. Speaking of the East, as in Far East, playing with Yao Ming appears to be solid way to garner votes. Just ask Tracy McGrady and Shane Battier.
  • The NBA officially launched NBA China on Monday to handle business interests in China and potentially an NBA-supported professional league in the future. Pacers owner, Mel Simon, is closely involved serving as a member of the board of directors.
  • Don't miss the latest Blogger MVP/ROY rankings over at Sixers4Guidos.