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Harrison Will Sit Five Games

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What is it about an extra day off that attracts bad news for the Pacers. While the team heads to Sacramento after spending an extra day in Phoenix, we find out that David Harrison will sit down 5 games for violating the league's drug policy. I guess that's better than ending an off day by using your Frogger skills to avoid semi-automatic gunfire, but still, another bit of negative news for Pacer fans to digest.

After watching Harrison's last performance in Utah, this actually makes sense. In fact, the guys at My Utah Jazz may have been onto something.

All kidding aside, Harrison is a complicated dude and I hope there isn't a larger problem below the surface of the failed tests. On the court, this obviously hurts front-court depth if Jermaine O'Neal is also on the shelf. If not, it shouldn't make much of an impact. DH had already earned more pine time and O'B plans to go small anyway. Also, this may be the final straw if there were any thoughts of signing Harrison after this season.

On a personal level, hopefully DH deals with the issues involved and has no further problems. Take care of your business, David.