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O'B Ready To Go Small

Nuggets of info from The Jim O'Brien Show tonight:

  • The Pacers had a day off today. They wouldn't have been able to practice anyway since they only had about 8 healthy bodies.
  • J.O.'s knee remains a concern. Still has swelling but they think he'll be ready Saturday.
  • Jamaal Tinsley tweaked his knee and went to the hospital today for an MRI. More precautionary than anything, just want to make sure it isn't anything serious.
  • Travis Diener has a bad ankle sprain, 7-10 day injury. Tough break for Diener just as he finds himself in the mix for increased playing time.
  • Kareem Rush strained several "parts" (hey, it's not Jim O'Brien, MD) of his back and the trainers are working on getting him up and about. Hoping Rush will be ready by Saturday.
  • Trainer's recommendation about J.O.: Even if they shut him down for a couple of weeks, J.O. still wouldn't be available for practices and would remain day-to-day for games. Fabulous.
  • O'B felt that although they lost last night, the team moved forward in a positive direction. I agree with that sentiment. They went small and it worked. Diener and Shawne Williams will get more opportunities.
  • Going small makes them faster, making it easier to run the floor. Smaller lineup should help with lateral defense in defending the perimeter. Might as well try it, right? Maybe they can stop dribble penetration once in awhile. Well, unless Leandro Barbosa is in the gym. No one is stopping that guy from getting to the hole.
  • Kareem Rush could move to the starting lineup. Last night Rush started and guarded Steve Nash. Have to love what the Pacers are getting out of Rush. He's made himself indespensable.
  • The Pacer wing players are offering the most consistent production so a smaller lineup frees up more minutes to make sure Rush and Quisy get their minutes along with Granger and Dunleavy.
Real happy to hear O'B change course and shake up the rotations. I like the smaller lineup, plus including Diener and Shawne in the rotation is worth a shot. The defense really can't be much worse and if the offense improves then there's a net benefit.

Hopefully, O'B will have enough options available on Saturday to actually go small against the Kings.