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Lakers Unrest = Jermaine O'Neal Trade Talk

Phil Jackson took some time out from basking in the Hall of Fame spotlight to make the Lakers' front office squirm by supporting Kobe Bryant's summer rant for more talent. Bill Plaschke of the LA Times takes Jackson to task for backing Kobe and turning his back on the LA front office.  In defending Lakers owner, Jerry Buss, Plaschke mentions he (Buss) deserves better, including Jermaine O'Neal.

He deserves for Mitch Kupchak to finally realize he should trade Bynum and Lamar Odom for Jermaine O'Neal and a chance to win now.
Fire up the Whitesnake 'cos here I go again, posting a story involving the Lakers, Kobe, J.O. and a trade, not necessarily in that order. Hey, it's been a month or so since we've heard this song.

The Pacers like to make deals when things are calm and quiet. Maybe this will stir up the waters enough to keep J.O. here to start the season. The team is working out now prepping for camp and the start of the season. We're past the summer trade speculation season, and I'm way past ever wanting Lamar Odom with the Pacers. Let's just go with what we've got and let it play out.