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Pacers Finalize Roster to Open Camp

The Pacers are set to make final adjustments to the roster prior to opening camp this week. According to Pacers Notebook, Darrell Armstrong will be released while a couple of bigs, Courtney Sims and Lukasz Obrzut, were added to bring the roster count to 16.

Big ups to DA for giving us many of the few great moments last year. (Does that make sense? Neither did last year.) Unfortunately, his age caught up with him last year. He just wasn't able to play the minutes he had earned. With a fresh start and youth getting a chance, there was just no room for Army this year.

Shouldn't expect to see Sims or Lukasz on the regular season roster let alone the floor this year. But, they come in at a good time since they will have a legitimate chance to earn their way into the League with O'B's camp this year.

OK, I'm ready for some real live hoop stories. Let's all hope Shawne has his alarm clock set and a ride to the courthouse lined up so his court date tomorrow is a non-story.