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Pacer Teams Ranked From Top to Bottom

I heard recently from Kyle Wright whose book The NBA From Top to Bottom ranks every team in NBA history according to a formula he developed. Hey, some of us have more time on our hands than others. After analyzing all of the data on the Pacers, the computer spit out the 1997-98 Pacers as the best team in franchise history. Here's a quick write up on the Pacers from Kyle.

The 1997-98 Indiana Pacers have been named the best team in franchise history, according to the new book, The NBA From Top to Bottom. The 1997-98 Pacers went 58-24 and pushed Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls to seven games in the Eastern Conference finals.

"Other Pacer teams won more games and other Pacer teams went farther in the postseason," said Kyle Wright, a lifelong Pacers fan and the author of The NBA From Top to Bottom. "No Pacer team, however,played better than the team Larry Bird coached in his first season with the Indiana franchise."

The NBA From Top to Bottom uses an innovative and accurate computer formula to rank all 1,153 teams in NBA history. The book names the 1970-1971 Milwaukee Bucks the greatest team in NBA history.

The NBA From Top to Bottom named the 1984-85 Indiana Pacers the worst team in franchise history. The 1984-85 Pacers went 22-60 with an average point differential of -6.2 points per game.

"Plenty of Pacer teams from the early 1980s could have been named the worst team in the franchise's history," Wright said. "The 1984-85 squad gets the nod because they lost a lot of games, and they lost them by more points than any other team in franchise history."

The book names the 1992-93 Dallas Mavericks the worst team in league history.