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Shawne Williams Fails Maturity Test

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Just to make sure no legal dust up fades gently into the past for the Pacers, Shawne Williams drudged up his sorry episode from earlier this month by not showing up for his court date this morning. Here are the details so far. We still need to hear from Shawne himself, which should be fun.

Come on, Shawne, take care of your business. If you can't do it alone, find someone who doesn't hang on, but instead helps out and makes sure you take care of your business. For a small fee I'd be happy to make sure you are taking care of the details required to be an adult.

Larry Joe Legend isn't real pleased with Shawne either, giving us an image of LJL grabbing Shawne by the ear on Monday and walking him the two blocks from the Fieldhouse to the Marion County Courthouse.

Pacers president Larry Bird said Williams would be in court Monday.

"I guess I'll have to walk him over there (on Monday)," Bird told reporters today.

"I don't know where Shawne is at. I called him and couldn't get hold of him. I understand that he didn't show up. We'll handle it internally and it's just another thing that's put on my plate and I have to do something," Bird said.
We know it's not the first but hopefully it will be the last "Pacer Perp" walk from the the Fieldhouse to the courthouse.

I'm starting to think I have higher aspirations for Shawne's career than he does. Let's hope not.