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Harrison Down to His Last Chance?

The Pacers Foundation had a golf outing today and Bruno caught up with David Harrison to check on his mindset heading into the season. As usual, Harrison didn't disappoint, laying out the truth as he sees it.

"This is year four of, 'We need a big guy,' " Harrison said Tuesday at the annual Pacers Foundation, Inc., golf outing at Brickyard Crossing. "My mentality going into camp is if I'm not that big guy, I think they should go get him and let me go somewhere else.

"I'm optimistic. I like the coaching staff. I think we're going to have a real competitive style."
The first line of that quote made me chuckle out loud. Harrison knows the situation he's in. I just hope he focused enough to want to try and actually make an impact instead of just giving it a whirl and then hoping to go somewhere else. The grass will not be greener anywhere else. If Harrison wants to sustain a productive career in the League, he'll never have a better oppotunity than this year with the Pacers.

Of course, O'B continued his masterful march through the offseason, by refusing to sugar coat answers with false hope or unearned minutes. Nope, direct simple answers always work best.
"I think it's totally up to David Harrison," said O'Brien. "It is for all of our players. I've been asked that question by fans constantly, as to what my plans are for David Harrison, and my plans are to put on the court the people that deserve to be on the court. If he deserves to be on the court, he'll be on the court."
If O'B can squeeze the best out of Harrison, he deserves all the hype he's been getting as the face of the franchise.