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Kobe and Lakers Leave J.O. Out of Drama

So I see this article on Kobe Bryant starting camp with the Lakers (thanks HoopsHype) and figure I'd read it to see how long it took for Jermaine O'Neal's name to appear. Much to my surprise this was the rare Lakers article that included Kobe and Lamar Odom's name but didn't mention J.O.

The Pacers begin training camp in a week and it looks like J.O. is actually going to start camp and the season as a Pacer. Considering Lamar Odom is still nursing his shoulder and may not be ready for the opener, I'm really glad the Pacers are giving it a go with J.O. Never say never with the Pacers, but for now all of the summer drama is past, so it's time to turn the page and renew hope for a fresh start with Jim O'Brien. Is there a last second deal for J.O. you'd prefer?