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Kareem Rush Poised to Earn Big Minutes

Kareem Rush played a little pick-up ball at Mizzou this weekend and answered the usual questions about his exit from the League. He also addressed the opportunity in front of him with the Pacers.

"I'm excited about Indiana," said Rush, who in was in town to celebrate his daughter Kaylen's second birthday on Friday. "It should be a good opportunity, a good chance to start and play a lot of minutes and get where I need to be."
Sounds like Rush has a plan and plenty of confidence. Obviously, O'B has told all involved that starting positions and minutes are up for grabs. Rush appears set to claim that starting two guard spot, which makes me ponder two items.

First, we haven't heard much from Dunleavy this offseason, but he will have a fight on his hands for minutes this year. Hopefully, Dun is in Rocky IV mode, isolated in training, forcing himself through the rudimentary fundamentals until he pukes.

Next, let's say Dunleavy earns the spot, or Marquis Daniels, and things get off to a slow start for Rush. How will he react? His track record says, not so good. We hear he's matured, appreciates the chance, and has learned from past mistakes. I'm an actions over words guy, so I'll be interested to see how Rush handles any adversity.

My biggest hope, though, is that all minutes are earned and not given this year.