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The Smell of Training Camp in the Air

Nice to see Mike Wells back on the beat getting ready for training camp in a couple of weeks. He drops some nice nuggets of information in his latest Pacers Insider post.

Among the items of interest:

  • Darrell Armstrong doesn't expect to play for the Pacers this year and holds no ill will toward the Pacers. Golden State and Dallas are his top choices which jives with this speculation from the Bay Area.

  • Follow up with Esteban Batista's agent who confirmed a Pacers offer and mentioned Batista was close to making a decision.

  • Travis Diener broke his left hand this summer but since he's right-handed he'll be ready to go for camp.

  • Love O'B's quote regarding his plans for training camp.
    "Training camp's going to be hard. We're going to run a lot. We'll spend a lot of time down in our stance. I know what guys here have done (conditioning). I think we've had a pretty good summer. If guys come in out of shape they'll pay for it. We're going to be a running team, and the type of defensive team we're going to be, we have to sprint both ways."
    Wells followed that quote up by knocking the softball out of the park. Check it out.