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Pacers Looking to Add Front Court Help?

According to this report the Pacers have made an offer to free agent Esteban Batista. Batista had a nice showing in the FIBA Americas Championship last month, averaging 20.8 points and 12.4 rebounds for his native Uruguay, including 20 points in Uruguay's blowout loss to Team USA. Batista's NBA career consists of light minutes off the bench for the Atlanta Hawks, but he just turned 24 and at 6'10", 270 could certainly develop into a nice supporting piece for the Pacers front court.

I'm not used to hearing good news from the Pacers that hits out of the blue, so I'm not expecting Batista to actually accept the offer, assuming his agent is spewing the truth and the Pacers have indeed made an offer. Let's pretend he does take the offer, though. Who goes? At first glance, it is easy to say Stephen Graham or Andre Owens would end up being released and their minimal contracts washed down with a nice chianti. But that type of move leaves a pretty clogged, not to mention costly, depth chart of bigs who don't shoot threes. Leaving Troy Murphy out of the conversation, you'd have Jermaine O'Neal, Jeff Foster, Ike Diogu, David Harrison, and Esteban Batista. A Batista signing might indicate another small move of a player or two before the season tips off.

If only you could meld the best of Foster, Ike, Harrison, and Batista into one player. Combine Foster's tenacity (I refused to use feistiness) Ike's offensive low post repertoire, Harrison's height and bounce, and Batista's youth and size add a little water and then we'd have something people. Oh, well, enough day dreaming for now.