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All the Pacers Need is Love

The Pacers obviously did some market research and realized that the breath of fresh air that is Jim O'Brien is the only one person in town who can sell the Pacers right now. The Pacers current advertising campaign relies completely on O'B. In addition to reaching people through radio and TV ads, O'B is out pressing the flesh at public gatherings. Sounds like the same straight talk the players like from O'B, is working well with Joe and Jenny Six-pack, as well.

"We're the type of fans who, even if the team isn't playing well, we've always been proud that our team is a bunch of good citizens and really great for the community and we lost some of that in the last couple years," Harvey said. "But to know that we've got a coach that wants to lead us into restoring that is wonderful to hear."

In fact, she believes more people need to hear O'Brien.

"I think it's a great opportunity for everyone to be able to meet the man we just see in the newspaper stories and the occasional news clip and really get to hear more answers and learn a little bit more about him," she said. "What I've learned, is that this is a real man and he said when he started his speech that, `This isn't B.S. It's real answers.' And I think that's the kind of person he's going to be and I think that's awesome."
One particular conversation with O'Brien stood out for Fennig.

"He sat down with a bunch of us at our table and asked us what we thought was most important for him to be successful," Fennig said. "We all just kind of sat there, scratching our heads, not sure what to say. He responded with one word: love. He said that it will be about getting the guys to respect each other and care about each other and work together. Those are the critical elements."
Sure seems like everyone who crosses paths with O'B comes away pumped up. I realize he's preaching to the choir at most of these gatherings, but you can't fake it with these people either. I would've loved to have seen the reaction of the gentlemen at the Kiwanis table when O'B dropped the 'all we need is love' comment on them. I would argue that a little more talent would help, but O'B's on a roll with this one and I love the human, emotional element of the game. See, if each player can play with "love" for his teammates and the game, then that combined passion will overflow on the court. The positive energy will bring juice to the Fieldhouse and make the Pacers easy to root for regardless of how their talent stacks up against the opponent. With that type of vibe, the wins are more exciting and the losses less painful. Maybe O'B's right--love is all you need.