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Does Larry Joe Legend Read Indy Cornrows?

I have to ask after reading the current Question for Larry Bird at Two weeks ago, I laid down a brief narrative about what we might expect from Travis Diener this year. Here was I said about a best case scenario.

What can TD do to exceed expectations?
We're not expecting much impact from a backup point guard, but for this exercise we're looking at how each player can raise their game above current expectations. With that in mind, Diener could transform the franchise by turning into the second coming of Mark Price. Think about it, the issues with Jamaal Tinsley would cease to exist if another high-quality, productive point guard could share the load with Tins.
Of course, I then went on to hope for a '95-'96 version of Brent Price, but you get the picture.

So now let's get back to the question to LJL. I hate to think LJL is stealing my material without giving me credit, so I'll just say that great minds think alike. You be the judge.
Q. As a Travis Diener fan, I am excited in his move to Indianapolis. He's now going to have the chance to showcase his skills in front of a much more basketball-savvy crowd. But I have two questions I would like for you to answer. What did you see in Travis during your pursuit of signing him? Among all of the NBA players you played with or against, who does he most closely resemble? (Enrico from San Jose, Calif.)

A. Travis is the type of player we're looking for in the fact he can shoot the ball, he can get us into our offense, he's quick, he can make plays for other players. I've been following Travis since he was in college and I've always had the utmost respect for his game. He brings a lot of things to our team that we don't have. He sort of resembles Mark Price a little bit. I always had a lot of respect for Mark as far as his ability to dribble the ball, shoot the ball and make plays for other people. Travis has got all those same qualities.