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Good Things Happen to Good People

Bad things continue to happen to John Green, the poster boy for a-hole Pistons' fans. Yep, that's him, the genius cup thrower who sparked the brawl that sent the Pacers into a nuclear winter where they continue to shiver. Green went back to his old playbook of drinking and putting people around him in danger, this time by driving. Fortunately, he was caught, yet again.

Wait, did that story say Green sparked the brawl? And here I thought it was all the Pacers fault. Seems like the revisionist versions of the brawl, rarely mention the a-hole cup thrower, fans charging the court, or Ben Wallace ginning up the whole thing in the first place. Ahh, John Green, the gift that keeps on giving. He gets loaded and runs afoul of the law, and I have to hear about it and relive the brawl, again. Somebody take this guy's license and keys, please!