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Special Advisor to Pacer Punchlines

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Local heavy hitter, Jim Morris joined the Pacers in June as a Special Advisor. At the time, Donnie Walsh was looking forward to Morris boosting the credibility of the organization.

After a litany of on-and-off-the-court problems, Morris is viewed by some as a positive role model for a franchise in need of one.

"When you have Jim Morris as part of your organization I hope it speaks to the community about what we want to represent out there because he certainly represents that," Walsh said. "But in the last two years that has been held in question - but not by anyone in this office."

Walsh called Morris the perfect fit for the the Pacers right now.

"I think he can represent us in the corporate community, in the not-for-profit community, but I would look to him for advice on a variance of issues because he's had experience running companies himself and a breadth of experience in a lot of different companies and different issues," Walsh said.

After a couple of months, Morris is using the Pacers for laugh lines during his speeches to local groups. Check out this beauty from his speech to the Carmel Chamber of Commerce.
"Many have told me the work with the Indiana Pacers would be more difficult than eliminating world hunger."
Not a bad line and I'm sure the crowd roared with delight when they heard it. But, the guy is supposed to be helping raise the profile of the Pacers. I'm sure Donnie Walsh was thinking, thanks for nothing, pal. The Pacers are working like crazy to decrease their role as a punchline locally, and Morris is adding the the comedic set list. Now that Morris is going to run the re-election campaign for Governor Daniels, may his advisory role with the Pacers will cease since it seems to have been anything but special.