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Pacers Fade Further into the Background

Why does it seem like everytime I travel or have an extraordinarily long day at the office something nutty happens with the Pacers? While work has kept me from commenting further on my man Shawne (still my man, until proven otherwise), I see Henry at True Hoop absolutely nailed my feelings on the topic. On the surface, this isn't the worst thing to happen to an NBA player. The problem is that this whole thing reeks of stupid at a time when the Pacers can't afford any negative news let alone a new arrest report.

Notice how the Pacers unveiled a new ad campaign yesterday and no players were anywhere near the sales pitch. O'B and Larry Joe Legend were the only faces in the ad. I'm sure after last year's 'It's up to us!' campaign disintigrated in a hail of gunfire outside a strip club during training camp, the Pacers didn't want to take any chances with the players selling the team. Besides the target audience is dwindling.

As Schultzy mentioned in his comment on my last post, the city has given up on the Pacers. Schultz know the pulse of the fans and my observations from listening to the radio this afternoon revealed the same apathy toward Shawne's arrest. The reaction was more like Pacers...chuckle,, about the Colts. I knew the Pacers weren't registering on the national radar, but I didn't realize the blip was so faint on the local radar.