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Ridin' the Wave of J.O. to L.A. Stories to the Beach

Mark Montieth's blog post on Wednesday lays out how a couple of "iffy" stories (actually they were "if-less" stories) on and were so strongly refuted by Jermaine O'Neal and the Pacers. Check it out.

Also, read this transcript and listen to the audio which were the basis for the quotes in the "if-less" stories. There's no question in my mind that J.O.'s comments were as conservative as a Catholic school girl, but Alipour and Markazi sexed them up like a tawdry, post-rehab Britney Spears to make the story more interesting. Whatever, I can see how they wanted to convey J.O.'s enthusiasm for L.A. and the Lakers when he was discussing the hypothetical situations that could lead to a trade. But there certainly weren't any apparent demands either.