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Reggie Miller Ready to Shoot it Again?

Thanks to coachk and Newman for posting about Reggie's reported comeback scenario in the diaries. Here's another story with a good quote from Reg.

"I'm always flattered when my name is mentioned as someone who can still help an NBA team win a championship," Miller said Wednesday in a statement relayed to The Associated Press by the TNT network. "I've had limited discussions with Celtics management about their roster and a potential role for me. At this time, I'm enjoying my role as an analyst with TNT."
Doesn't sound much more serious than his interest in joining Dallas last year. Still, if Reg joined the Celts it wouldn't bother me a bit. We said our good byes and hung 31 in the rafters. His Pacer days are done and nothing he does at this point in his life will change his glorious past here in Indy.