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Darrell Armstrong, Workin' Hard for the Kids

Darrell Armstrong hosted a basketball camp in Indy this week to benefit the Darrell Armstrong Foundation for Premature Babies. D.A. was a godsend for the Pacers last year but he's no lock to return next year. If he doesn't return, D.A. will be remembered as one in a long line of classy former Pacers (as opposed to the much shorter line of knuckleheaded former Pacers).

Forget basketball for a moment, though, and check out the Foundation site. D.A.'s work has raised money and resources to aid in the survival and development of premature babies in the Orlando area. Along with donating ambulances customized for transporting premature babies, Florida Hospital East in Orlando has the Darrell Armstrong Child Development Center to provide services for premature babies and their families. All of the special services throughout a premature babies developmental years are made available to any family with limited resources.

This is the first time I've heard of D.A.'s foundation so I wanted to share the info with others who were unaware of his efforts off the court. Nice work, D.A.!