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A Couple Throughts Before Enjoying the Weekend

I was thinking a little more about O'B's comments on Shawne Williams yesterday. O'B had just been working with Williams at the Fieldhouse and his comments suggest he was still in the mode to light a fire under Williams. He was praising Shawne's offseason work but was demanding his game mature if he wants more time.

Let's face it, Williams (can we get this guy a nickname?!?!!) is critical to O'B's future success with the Pacers. His ability to squeeze of 3-balls in a blink of an eye can make him a key cog in O'B's system. Think Antoine Walker without the shimmy.

S-Dub (no, doesn't work) surely knows his value, so I'm sure O'B doesn't want him to get too comfortable. Plus, regardless of his 3-ball prowess, if Shawne-Shawne (yuck, awful) doesn't pull his weight on defense, he won't play for O'B. It's a beautiful thing isn't it? Practice hard, practice well and earn some burn.

I'm heading down to the Bloomington area for the weekend and will not have Internet access, so I'll be back when I'm back. Until then, here's a couple of items of interest.