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Jim O'Brien Hits the Airwaves

Just happened to be on the west side this afternoon and was able to hear O'B on ESPN 950's The Zone show. He was pumping up the Fever to toe the company line. Rake and Woch (like the new format, but I think I'd go with Straw and Murky) quizzed O'B on the upcoming season. We heard that the Pacers will have to learn O'B's style of running game from scratch because they haven't been playing with the mindset that makes his system go. Also, my man Shawne Williams is going to have to step up if he wants more playing time. Not a lot of minutes to go around at the 2/3 spot so Williams full game will have to mature to earn more minutes. As always, straight talk from O'B creates a whole new atmosphere around the team. The air is crisp and fresh. Hopefully he can keep the stench out. Rake (come on, Straw - man that stirs the station? ok, needs some work) has lambasted the Pacers forever it seems and even he is starting to feel the postitive vibe. I'm telling you, the post-brawlcalypse era is over. Time for signs of life to start sprouting from the scorched wasteland of the past few years.