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What Happens on a Plane to Vegas, Doesn't Stay on the Plane to Vegas

On the way home from work tonight, I heard a hilarious call on JMV's show about a Pacer player's poor behavior during a flight to Vegas. The caller starts out with the normal whining about the Pacers and why they've lost popularity locally. Then he gives his example of a player who sat behind him on a flight to Vegas. This player was a guy he thought most would consider a "good guy" Pacer. First of all, I don't know exactly what that means, but my first thought was, Danny Granger. So, then the guy rattles off some complaints:

  • Talking loud and dropping some F-bombs

  • Drinking

  • Expecting change for a C-note after buying a drink

  • Bragging about the $400 dollar bottles of champagne he was going to buy in Vegas

  • And...wait, that's it
Ummm, I must be missing something because this sounds like a typically festive flight to Sin City. Still, I'm thinking that I can't imagine Danny Granger being the player. JMV then asks what position the guy plays. The caller says, Forward...6'11"...white guy. Nice work pal, we're down to Murphy and Foster and no one knows Murphy well enough to consider him a "good guy" Pacer. Plus, I can totally see the suryly, party side of Jeff Foster enjoying a trip to Vegas.

Our hero moron the caller, continues like he didn't just give up the goods on Foster, and claims the player Foster jumped into his conversation with some other passengers about the Pacers upcoming season (caller predicts 35-47). At this point, the caller claims he told Foster what a jerk he was being, blah, blah, blah.

So, now I'm figuring this guy had to be the inspiration for Ned Flanders. I mean, you're heading to Vegas and someone's talking a big game, throwing around cash, and having a few pops? Shocking! The bar has been set for unruly passengers. Unless someone takes a schtook on the beverage cart I don't want to hear about it.

Actually, I found this to be good news, since I am always looking for the positive spin in any Pacer story. This is just another sign that the Pacers are continually working their way toward better behavior. Follow me, here.
  • First, we have the Pacers engaging an arena full of fans in a fight.
  • Then we have a few Pacers involved in a fracas outside a strip club, one of whom squeezed off a few rounds of gunfire. Fewer players involved and not taking on as many people - not a big improvement, but a step in the right direction.
  • Next we have a couple of Pacers involved in punching a club manager during a bar fight. Hey, no firearms, fewer people involved, now we're making progress.
  • Which leads us to Foster's alleged boisterous behavior on a flight to Vegas. No punches, no flipping over a car, no trial date, no problem.
I mean really, could this offend anyone other than Flanders? And if it was so bad and you didn't sneak in a photo from your cell phone, then shame on you. This is the Internets and we have standards for crazy jock behavior.

If anyone can confirm or deny this story, I'd love to hear it (especially if you've got the goods on Flanders).

[UPDATE: The Pacers sent JMV a response from Foster today in which he denies all accusations. Doesn't deny he was on the flight to Vegas, but denies the described behavior.]